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Gold rings on posed hands

How do I figure out my ring size? 

Ideally, we would size you in person, but going to a jewellery store to have your finger sized accurately is your best bet. Keep in mind that your fingers will change in size with the time of day, temperature outside, and seasons of the year. Try to get measured multiple times to get an average ring size.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! Please visit our contact page to inquire.

Are your stones ethically sourced?

We work with reputable suppliers with decades and generations of experience who abide by the Kimberley Process. All of our diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced and you can rest assured that we would never make jewellery with conflict stones.

Where can I find your work in person?

We are located in Toronto, Canada and our studio is by appointment only. If you're local, please visit  Made You Look to view our alternative bridal collection and everyday jewellery pieces in person. You can also find us at Magpie Jewellery at their Westboro location in Ottawa.

Can you redesign Heirloom jewellery using the same materials?

Recycling heirloom gold and diamond jewellery is something that we love to do! This will be determined on a case-by-case basis as not all jewellery will be suitable for this process. All pieces need to be inspected in person. Please get in touch through our contact form to schedule a consultation with Nicola.

More questions...

Do you offer ring sizing?

If you have purchased a custom ring from us and it doesn't fit you just right, we offer one complimentary resizing within the first month of purchase. All other sizings of our rings beyond the first month will incur a small fee.

If I have a unique stone in mind - can you help me source it?

We sure can! Please get in touch through our contact page to inquire.

What is your jewellery return policy?

Due to the nature of our handmade jewellery, all purchases are final sale.

Do you offer jewellery repairs?

We are happy to repair your Nicola Lauren handmade jewellery within 3 months of purchase. Beyond 3 months of purchase, your jewellery is subject to daily wear and tear and will incur repair fees. To keep your jewellery in the best condition possible make sure to treat it as one of the most precious things you own!


Gold, diamonds & gemstones...

What is the difference between 10K, 14K & 18K gold?

The "k" refers to the karat of gold. Karat is a unit of measurement that tells you the purity of the gold in the alloy.


24k is pure gold = 100% gold. Therefore, 14k is 14 parts out of 24 pure gold, 18k is 18 parts out of 24 pure gold and so on...

The higher the karat, the more pure gold content is in your jewellery. 

We like to use 14k gold as it is durable enough to handle everyday wear as well as being affordable, and not too vibrant of a yellow colour.


18k yellow gold is a favourite of ours for its buttery properties to work with as a fine metal and for its richness in colour. 

What are the 4 "C"s and which are most important? 

The 4 Cs stand for colour, cut, clarity, and carat. Each C plays its part in determining the beauty of a white diamond. For us, the clarity and cut are the most important. For custom projects the clarity and cut determine what stones we can source within your budget. 

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